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A little more about me...

Thanks for checking out my website! I am a London born actress and US Green Card Holder, with bases in both London and New York.

Chandeliers and tears (or How It All Began..)

Growing up I was known for my dance skills. Something I'm sure my Mother can testify about, as during practice I regularly broke various household items like kitchen shelves, to ahem… chandeliers! That was whilst practising triple-pirouettes no less, but hey, I'm not one to brag (yes, I'm bragging). However, for university the call of 'adulting' grew louder, and so I decided to read French and Hispanic studies at the University of London. This proved to be hugely beneficial as having worked in Spanish, French and Italian I am now a proudly multilingual actress!

Following university, I had worked “The Day Job” primarily in the entertainment industry, doing several stints at major record companies. Though I liked working on the executive side, it was of course my creative side that was my true calling.

And so, having joined a youth theatre company, I preferred to leave work and go to rehearse. Hence, a course at the Guildford School of Acting beckoned! I have since balanced a less precarious role of corporate marketing while building my credits.

Recent Productions

Thankful to have been working consistently on stage and in front of the camera, I am really proud of originating a kick-ass role of Indianna in “Pale Imitations” a poetic, jazz infused play by Keshia Watson that played at Edinburgh in 2016, as well as a hilarious comedy I shot playing an acid tongued talent agent in "Z-List" which will go out to festivals this year.

I am also still proud of having played the legendary Billie Holiday in “Legends Of The Blues”. That was the role I credit as having ignited my love for Jazz music.

Voice Work

I have also recently recorded voice demos in English, English with a Jamaican accent and a Spanish commercial reel (you can listen to them here) and am now happily repped by Just Voices Agency as a voice artist. My multilingual credits are not just for voicework however, as I have also recently presented a video course in Spanish no less for Easyjet!

Exploring New Challenges...

This year I have started life as a writer and producer as “oh yes, that won't be hard will it?”. Yep, that's the sound of sarcasm you can hear... No, but in all seriousness, I love a challenge and look forward to the delights it will bring. Get in touch if you think we can help each other!