I am a London born actress on a mission to kindle emotions and imaginations.  I am also a US green card holder and spend my time between my homes in New York and London.

I speak fluent French  and Spanish and these skills as a linguist have led me to work internationally.

Current Productions

I have recently begun my journey as writer/producer and my first project "Double Entendre" is about a shadow intelligence agent, haunted by guilt and suspicion as she seeks to learn the truth about her estranged father's underworld connections.  Directed by Justin "Juice" Black of XL Films it screened at Cannes and will be launched on the festival circuit.

I have four projects in post-production as an actress which include:

"The Overcoat" a contemporary adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s short story written in 1842 in which I play a malicious office manager.

 "Z-List", a Pia Pressure New Voices 2017 award winning comedy script in which I play a cutthroat agent to a hapless reality star.  

"Transit" with Barefeet Films a "Black Mirror"-style Sci-Fi Short playing a cold and robotic therapist.

As a producer in addition to "Double Entendre" I have completed two other short films:  Romantic comedy "Love Lies" written and directed by Lucy Linger and "Survival" a coming of age story about identity written and directed by Remi Laudat both will shortly be launched onto the festival circuit. I also have 3 others in post production, “Ascencion” a sci-fi fantasy directed by Justin “Juice” Black, “A Tree Fell Today” directed by Oliver Crawford, a moving trippy drama and “The Overcoat” in which I was also an actress, all to be completed this year.


Past Productions

"Pale Imitations" had a London reprise at the Rosemary Branch in September with a full live band, following a successful run at The Space Triplex during the 2016 Edinburgh Festival and a hugely successful sell-out preview at the Rosemary Branch in July.  The play is a poetic mix of sophistication and style, about love and relationships set against a backdrop of art, featuring new original live jazz.

My most recent feature "Sweetboy" made its UK television debut in May 2016 on the London Live Channel. Following Official Selections at the 2014 American Black Film Festival and the 2015 San Francisco Black Film Festival.   It is now available to buy on